For Candid­ates

With the large number of online career websites in Switzer­land, the job-seeking process can be quite over­whelming.

With estab­lished busi­nesses and exciting new start-ups, we collab­orate to deliver compet­itive job oppor­tun­ities. Watch our open­ings to make sure you are not missing the most recent job open­ings in Switzer­land and get an insight into the hard and soft skills now needed for promo­tion in your area of expertise.

We are chan­ging the lives of special­ists in Switzer­land by the hour – ensure that when the right job opens in Switzer­land, you are spotted as a top candidate by our dedic­ated recruiters.

Advant­ages of a part­ner­ship with GITR for candid­ates

1. We will save you time.

Recruiters spend eight hours (at least) a day finding candid­ates for their clients. We know what jobs are out in the market. You have other commit­ments in life that keep you from searching for a job. Working with a recruiter saves you time when searching for a new posi­tion.

2. you can connect on a greater scale.

Take full advantage of a recruiter’s contacts to get the very best out of your search efforts. Recruiters spend a signi­ficant amount of time estab­lishing rela­tion­ships through data­bases, phone calls, and personal contacts. If you use a recruiter to find a job, your social network will expand expo­nen­tially.

3. we help you through the process.

We will help you navigate the recruit­ment process from applic­a­tion to accept­ance of an offer. We may also improve your applic­a­tion docu­ments. We can also coach you on inter­view methods and after you have met your poten­tial employer we can give you feed­back.

4. you have access to more vacan­cies.

Some of our clients rely strictly on us to locate their poten­tial employees.

We can also point out oppor­tun­ities you might miss by depending only on career search websites.

We can also point out posi­tions that are diffi­cult to find. We can give you also access to vacan­cies that are posted confid­en­tially or have not yet been uploaded to the Web.

5. You stay on our radar.

You will stay on our radar for future posi­tions. Our soft­ware fetches specific inform­a­tion from your CV and assigns it to appro­priate jobs. When the right opening comes, it is likely that your profile will appear.

Switzer­land is not only a popular place to live, but also a sought-after place to work. What exactly is it that attracts foreign workers to Switzer­land? Below you will find a number of argu­ments for working in Switzer­land:

  • Low unem­ploy­ment and good chances of finding a job of your choice
  • Robust economy and thus real chances of not imme­di­ately losing a job found again
  • High wage level
  • Low taxes
  • Many, but also many inter­esting posi­tions that are not filled.
  • Guest and foreigner friend­li­ness of the Swiss (employers)
  • Inter­na­tional orient­a­tion of many Swiss companies
  • High quality of life (security, infra­struc­ture, mobility, etc.)
  • Central loca­tion in Europe (you can quickly get to your home country
  • Polit­ical, economic, finan­cial, social and tech­no­lo­gical stand­ards
  • With an average unem­ploy­ment rate of 3%, it is relat­ively easy to find a job in Switzer­land.

In no other country is average unem­ploy­ment so low. The economy is robust and foreign workers have always been welcomed in Switzer­land. The Swiss are well aware that a consid­er­able part of their prosperity is based on foreign workers. This has been the case for decades and is unlikely to change as quickly. What has changed, however, is the “imported” compet­ence. Whereas in the past it was rather low-threshold work for which foreigners were preferred, today it is more and more well-qual­i­fied people who quickly find an attractive job in Switzer­land.

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