Recruiting with tech­no­logy profes­sionals

Global Personal has been providing human resources services since 1997. As an inde­pendent company within the Inter­iman Group, we are now number 3 in the Swiss market. We are there­fore large enough to have first-class refer­ences and resources and also small enough to main­tain a high level of service quality towards our candid­ates and clients.

Advant­ages of a part­ner­ship with GITR

Meet the best minds

Pion­eering talent acquis­i­tion methods screen the entire spec­trum of the market.

Perfect suit­ab­ility for your organ­isa­tion

People who have been thor­oughly assessed for all relevant qual­i­fic­a­tions.

Rapid place­ment

Accel­er­ated hiring times as a result of our focussed meth­od­o­logy.

Further bene­fits

  • Large pool of qual­i­fied contracting employees
  • Large network of rela­tion­ships in the target segments
  • Present in the strong economic regions of Switzer­land
  • Special­ists with many years of exper­i­ence in IT recruit­ment
  • SECO approvals and ISO-TÜV certi­fied manage­ment system 9001:2008
  • High level of recog­ni­tion in Switzer­land
  • Flat manage­ment struc­ture, fast decision-making processes
  • Continuous training and devel­op­ment of all employees
  • Many regular clients and best refer­ences

Our compet­ence in IT recruiting

As recruiting profes­sionals, we have special­ized in attracting world-class talent for the following ICT roles:

  • Big data engineer
  • SAP Consult­ants
  • DevOps engineer
  • Enter­prise archi­tect
  • Mobile applic­a­tions developer
  • Inform­a­tion systems security manager
  • Applic­a­tions archi­tect
  • Data archi­tect
  • Data­base manager
  • Data security analyst
  • Soft­ware engineer
  • Wire­less network/cloud engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Senior web developer
  • Site reli­ab­ility engineer
  • Systems engineer